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Friday, October 24, 2014

Mister STI-Philippines 2014 Winners

 Mister STI- Philippines 2014 - Angle Lemuel Cruz (STI Angeles)
First Runner Up - Jerald Mendoza (STI Calamba)
Second Runner Up -Emmanuel Castillo (STI Recto)
Third Runner Up - Kirt Cruz (STI Las Pinas)
Fourth Runner Up -Paulo Rama (STI Batangas)

Interview with Sin Matecki, Body Shots 2014 Winner

 One of the male pageant/modeling winners who won  my admiration as a very lively interviewee is this year’s winner of Body Shots Philippines 2014. He is a very articulate person and from his social network account, I can immediately tell that this Fil-Aussie love photo-opzzz! He likes wacky photos. So, at this time, I am attaching his wholesome pics here because I realized he is more handsome when he is fully clothed (hehe).

Here is my interview with him… 

Male Pageants in the Philippines (MPP): Hello Sin! Tell us why did you come to the Philippines?
Sin Matecki: I came to the Philippines to discover my family, background, and history. I am surprised as I became a model here, I am representing the Philippines over Australia. Mabuhay Pinas!

MPP: You mean you have filipino roots?
Sin Matecki: Very much so! (smiles)

MPP: Nice to know that you have Filipino roots! Do you plan to join some more male pageants in the future, like Misters of the Philippines?
Sin Matecki: There are so many pageants, I wasn't aware of the Misters of the Philippines. I’m still getting out of the tourist zone and into the Filipino zone. Perhaps in the future… no real plans…

MPP: I saw you auditioned at the Bench Naked Truth. Did you push through with it?
Sin Matecki: I wasn't there for Bench this year, maybe next perhaps, you never really know till it happens.

MPP:  Thanks for adding me Sin in my real account (Randee) ha. Who encouraged you to join Body Shots?
Sin Matecki: Oh yes, I already have you in my contacts! I’m a backpacker, and I was really determined to meet my relatives here. After much thought with many people telling me that I should try modeling, I found out that my cousin was a Binibining Laguna First Runner Up, I think 2012 or 2013. There was a screening for a fashion show or something which turned out to be Body Shots. I tried, why not right? I tested my luck and after the final screening, unfortunately my cousin didn’t make the cut. I made it as official candidate. It was this time when I was about to catch a plane to China. Throughout the competition, I lost 7 kilos and gave it my best shot, so I’m happy - there is a good story behind it. With many months still here, i decided to meet my family all around the Philippines along with tasting the modeling side of things.

MPP: What do you find so interesting in the Philippines? Any culture shock that you would like to share?
Sin Matecki: Very interesting question, okay guess I'll give you a interesting answer. Few things that quickly came to mind, early morning for myself, ready for some coffee and pandesal. A few bads: This country is heavily conditioned by means of media and western propaganda influence, very large influence on the masses. Remember, we are all products of media reconditioning to a certain extent, with majority completely oblivious. It's run for personal profits, not for the country itself. Best city planners can be found in the Philippines. Massive gap between the rich and the poor, fame and money buys friends in high places very easily. On the other hand, Philippines is very different comparing to the West, people here are very friendly and welcoming. Instanly you would think they are gay if being a guy. A lot are genuine and live with a smile on their faces no matter the situations. I haven't yet been, but with the many reviews and pictures, Philippines has one of the best dive spots in the world, example, Coron in Palawan, during World War, many ships were sunk so it's a great history dive if you don't mind the whale sharks. Whenever you are, there is always good food around the corner. In the last 30 years Philippines has grown in terms of business and structural development.

MPP: Many foreign models, especially Brazilians, have decided to stay here in the philippines for good. Do you also see yourself also staying here and having a family in this country?
Sin Matecki: I can't answer if i'm not 100%. I wonder how it will turn out, in the end im not worried.

MPP: Ahmmmmmm, are you single? J J J
Sin Matecki: Yes, very much so!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mister STI-Philippines 2014 Candidates

One of the great sources of male pageant candidates in the national level is the campus pageant. From the school level, young men realized their potentials and eventually take their charm to the higher level. Here are the candidates of Mister STI-Philippines 2014:

Aaron Kiel Roales, COTABATO

Angle Lemuel Cruz, ANGELES

Emmanuel Castillo, RECTO

Freidrich Robin Cerro, CDO

Ian Kryz Subaldo, GENSAN

Jerald Mendoza, CALAMBA

Jestoni Hercia, STA ROSA

John Michael Angelo, SHAW

Kirt Gerald Cruz, LASPINAS


Michael Manjeron, NOVALICHES

Micko Joshua Purisima, VIGAN


Paulo Rama, BATANGAS

Renzo Legaspi, BACOOR

Zyric Ricardo, MALAYBALAY

Monday, October 20, 2014

Q and A Transcript: Adam Davies, Mister Model International Philippines 2014

If you will not win this pageant, what will you do?

This pageant has been one of the best experiences of my life. I treasured every bit of it, I met incredible people I just want to thank the whole PEPPS team. It’s not really about winning for me…”

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