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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spotlight on Axe Soligam Sacro

Axe Soligam Sacro was one of my online friends with the most pleasing personality. His interaction with friends is remarkable! I should know because his name and his comments always appear in my facebook wall. And he is very nice too. Aside from this remarkable attitude, he is also gifted with good looks and well-toned body. He was a candidate of the Hari ng CALABARZON 2013 few months ago, and I hope he is now looking forward for his next entry in the world of male pageantry. 

NAME: Axe Soligam Sacro

BIRTHDAY: Feb 10, 1991

PROVINCE: San Pedro, Laguna //Alabang, Muntinlupa City

DESCRIBE YOUR PROVINCE: hmmm .. Kung anong ikinaactive ng Laguna sa pageant, sya namang kinatumal ng Alabang sa mga pageant hehe..

DESCRIBE YOUR FAMILY: I grew up on a broken family, but im happy and contented how my mom raised us ;))

KAILAN KA UNANG SUMALI SA MGA MALE PAGEANTS? : Last Month, for Hari ng Calabazon ( August 2013). First pageant ko ang HnC... Di po talaga ako kontesero, raketero lang hahaha.I work as a backup dancer before sa tv and luckilly runway assignment was given to me rin...Almost 2 yrs ako niligawan ni Kuya sumali sa pageant. And next yr, seseryosohin ko na hehe. Prior to meeting kuya ghune online, may iba na rin mga ageant ang nageencourage sa akin pero inaayawan ko. It was kuya Ghune who earned my trust.

HOW WILL YOU RATE YOUR PERFORMANCE IN HARI NG CALABARZON?: quite good, since all im aiming is to test the water how it feels like being on a pageant. Nagkaaward pa nga eh heheh (Mr Friendship)

TELL ME YOUR MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE IN A MALE PAGEANTS:hmmm since this is my first pageant, i would have to say my most memorable experience is when i was able to meet my brothers under our handler Mr. Ghune Katigbak

YOU ARE UNDER GHUNE KATIGBAK’S CAMP, HOW IS HE AS A TRAINOR?: As a trainor,Kuya Ghune was really a good one, no wonder how He was able to produce a lot of tittle holders in the pageant industry. He will tell you all his opinions regarding your perforance, whats good and whats not.. He would tell you negative things straight to the point, give you tips on how you can improve it.



WHAT IS THE NEXT BIG THING THAT WE HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR YOU: (Pilipinas Mens Fashion Week? LOL ill be doing a ramp for a designer... ) Hahaha .. Seriously, on pageant side, ill try to Join LaLaguna next yr and Mr International .. if ever i pass the screening, well i hope you guys would still support me. Hehe

WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE TO YOUR FANS/FOLLOWERS: Do i have one aside from my Mom? LOLs. If ever i have, well thanks a lot for your support.im just a newbie on the pageant industry ill promise to make you guys proud in the next few years.. Keep on supporing not just only me but also all my siblings under GK Kings and Queens..

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